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For Therapists

I really enjoy helping other therapists with their businesses. Clients often say it bridges the gap between supervision, training and personal therapy, where space to process the realities of running & planning our businesses tends to be missing, or not quite right if it is there!


Since I started in 2019, the support of 4 different coaches has helped me to build a sustainable, fulfilling and really balanced business. What I love most is the variety of my work; I see about 12 therapy and 1-2 therapist clients each week and run a variety of courses & workshops alongside. 

My business learnings lead my work with therapists, but I also worked in marketing before I qualified, so that comes in, too!


Start getting 'Letters from Private Practice' emails

Semi-regular (at least monthly) ​letters where I talk openly and honestly about my own behind-the-scenes reflections and experiences of being in private practice, with the hope of offering insight, inspiration and permission to work in the ways that make sense to you.

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