The Boundaries Course Disclaimer

1. Engaging with the course does not constitute a therapeutic relationship and should not be treated as a replacement or substitute for therapy. If you feel you need personalised support, consider contacting a counsellor, therapist or service. 

2. If you are currently engaged in counselling or therapy, I recommend making your counsellor or therapist aware of your engagement with the course. 


3. The content of the course is generalised and has not been written with your specific situation or personal circumstances in mind. Purchasing the course does not guarantee any particular results and it's possible that not all the content will be helpful to you. 


4. Any actions you choose to take as a result of purchasing the course will be your responsibility. I will not be held liable for anything that occurs in your life that is deemed to be as a result of you engaging with the course. 


5.Please familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions of your purchase: