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Online Webinar:

Navigating festive family dynamics 

With Psychotherapists Elsie Owen & Charlotte Braithwaite

Friday 15th December @ 1 - 2pm UK time, or get the recording 

Tickets are available on a 'pay what you can' basis, including for free

Christmas is a little like the people-pleasing Olympics, where the pressure (and responsibility!) for it to be the ‘happiest time of the year’ can feel exhausting!

A big part of our stress is often related to what happens to us when we get back together with our families (or our in-laws!) for an intense (and often extended) period of time.

And then there’s the social and societal expectations that surround Christmas, too.

…This all makes quite the ‘recipe’ for a season of self-neglect, where we say ‘yes’ when we mean ‘no’, minimise our needs and feelings in favour of keeping the peace, over-spend as a way to overcompensate (we have all been there!), and ultimately, people-please our way through the holidays. 

  • You feel obliged to go along with plans made by others (and do) even when you'd prefer to do things differently. 

  • You feel there's an expectation to perform 'happy families' and this often means you sacrifice your integrity and what feels right for you. 

  • You find yourself pulled into family politics and would like to understand why, so you can step out of getting involved in these conversations and dynamics. 

  • You end up playing a role in the family that you don't want any more, like the 'peacekeeper' or the 'mediator' or the one who looks after everyone else. 

  • You feel a pressure to make it perfect for everyone (including social media) and find yourself bending and shaping all over the place, to try and achieve 'perfection'. 



Understanding the dynamics that underpin how our families operate (and the roles we play within this) enables us to handle family situations more confidently (and preferably with less anxiety!)

What to expect from the Webinar:

We’re meeting live on Zoom on Friday 15th December at 1 - 2pm UK time. The session will be recorded if you can’t make it live, or you'd prefer to catch up in your own time.


You won’t be required to have your camera on or be asked to unmute. We will invite contributions via that chat if you wish, but there is no expectation other than for you to show up, perhaps bring a notepad, and listen to what we have to share! 


We’ll take you through 3 sections, each designed to educate and empower you to become more conscious around your family this Christmas:

Why are families so tricky?

Feel a heavy sense of expectation to perform happy families at Christmas? It’s not your fault and it didn’t start with you; looking at the bigger picture that fuels ‘festive pressure’.

The ‘Rules’ and ‘Roles’ of dysfunctional families:

Familiar with the blame game? Or brushing issues under the carpet? Here we illuminate the unconscious ‘rules’ that contribute to dysfunction in families and which ‘roles’ you find yourself taking.

Holding space for self-care:

We’ll explore small and realistic ways in which you can take care of yourself better over the holidays, so you feel less anxious and more in control around your/your partner's family. 

The webinar will be delivered through honest conversation, accessible theory and reflective prompts to offer a more self-aware approach to the ‘people-politics’ this Christmas. You will gain invaluable psycho-education as to why we find families so tricky, so you can navigate this festive season more consciously and confidently.

Hello - we're Charlotte + Elsie

We're Psychotherapists (and really good friends!) and both work with people who might describe the dynamics within their families as tricky, to say the least!

We are both familiar with the huge power that awareness can offer when it comes to finding calm within the chaos of Christmas.


And we're really looking forward to sharing some helpful insights from the therapy room, with you. 

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Book your ticket

We're offering this webinar on a pay-what-you-can basis. If it’s not feasible for you to contribute, we welcome you to register for a free ticket instead:

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Payments are non-refundable, please purchase mindfully. 

Got a question? 

Click here to message Charlotte or click here to message Elsie & we'll happily get back to you!

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