How to say no

Online Workshop with Elsie Owen

 ~ Tuesday 17th August at 7:30pm BST ~

Yes, there will be a recording :) 

"No is a complete sentence" people say - "it's one word, stop justifying yourself, YOU are just as important as everyone else"

But what if it's not as easy as that? If suppressing your needs in favour of protecting other people's feelings is the easier option?

...Even if it comes at a personal cost to you and you'd like it to be different, the familiar guilt and huge fear of what people will think stops you expressing yourself...

join me for a 2-part workshop:

(FYI - There's no need to have your video on, not everyone loves being on Zoom with a load of strangers!)

First half:

​We'll explore the most common and likely reasons you say yes when you mean no, and why it's so hard to change your behaviour. 

You'll discover you really aren't the only one who finds this hard, and that there's a very logical reason why it's so tricky...FYI it has nothing to do with anything being 'wrong' with you - quite the opposite...

second half:

This part is super practical - we'll look at gentle and realistic ways to approach changing the way you communicate and respond when you just know you need to say no, but have no idea how to do it. 

You'll leave with a little toolkit of suggestions and ideas to help you start to challenge your fear of saying no, safely and gradually. 

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Hey - I'm Elsie 

I'm a recovering people-pleaser and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. 

For a long time, my life and my feelings were dictated by other people - I didn't know what it meant to do things purely for myself.
It felt selfish and unkind. 
I would regularly over-commit myself, only to let others down (the very thing I was trying to avoid) and I prided myself on being flexible and easygoing.  

After losing my way a little and ending up in therapy, I slowly learned that there was another way to live.
A way of life that was centred on what I needed and wanted.
...and it didn't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person I thought it would - who knew?!

Today, I absolutely love helping other lovely people discover this, too.