Learn the fundamentals of running a successful Instagram account, so you feel comfortable to start posting in a way that makes sense to you, and begin growing your practice. 

Most of us know Instagram is an option when it comes to marketing our private practices. 


But to make it worth your while, you really need to identify why you're there, how the platform works and make sense of what’s needed for you to reach the right people. 


Once all that’s clear, it can become a really, really exciting way to find potential clients!

You’ve been thinking about starting an Instagram account for your practice, but beyond the idea, you’re not sure how to begin.


You’re already posting but it’s not feeling as good as you’d like it to, and you’d love to get more intentional with your presence and how you're posting.

Instagram for Therapists is for therapists who want to learn how to use Instagram to grow their businesses, either through followers becoming clients or by creating new offerings like courses or workshops to offer their communities.

Most conventional Instagram training very rarely accounts for the nuances and challenges we face as therapists with a public online presence. 


I’ve digested many courses and workshops and spent a long time translating more ‘general’ advice into what makes sense and feels comfortable for me as a therapist - not all of it does, and that’s ok - it doesn’t have to. 


I’ll teach you what I’ve learned about growing a community in a way that feels authentic and aligned to my values, that also brings me the kind of clients I love to work with.


Instagram for Therapists 

A 4-week group Instagram course for therapists. Learn how to build a community and find clients by posting in a way that reflects your values and respects your boundaries. 

  • Feel confident to create your account - if you’re already there, we’ll make sure it’s set up in the best way.

  • Learn what makes a connecting Instagram profile that people want to follow.

  • Create (or review) the structure of your profile - including your handle, bio, branding and overall messaging. 

  • Begin to identify who you’d like your account to reach (you don’t have to choose a ‘niche’ unless you want to!)

  • Get totally clear on all the Instagram features and functions, as well as how to approach them.

  • Start to identify the boundaries that will help you feel comfortable to be present online. 

  • Understand the different kinds of content you could share and which you want to focus on.


  • ​Understand how to do each component of a post well - from captions to hashtags and beyond.

  • Learn how to design posts that will resonate with the people you’d like to reach.

  • Feel confident to interpret your ‘Insights’ (the data Instagram offers you about how your content lands with your community) and use this to inform your content planning. 

  • Learn what you need to do to start to grow your community (e.g. attract more followers) and the different ways you can approach this. 

  • Feel clear about the steps you need to take to start getting regular therapy enquiries from the people in your community. 

  • Leave with a clear plan of your next steps and what your journey with Instagram looks like going forward.

*A note that these learnings will apply to you whether you’re just starting or you already have. If you're not beginning from scratch, I’ll meet you where you’re at, invite you to reflect on what you’ve done so far and explore areas for potential adjustment. 

Previous feedback:


"Instagram can be an amazing tool for therapists but it can be daunting to know where to begin and extremely overwhelming trying to work out how to show up online in a professional capacity. This course breaks things down into easy to understand and accessible chunks to get you started and Elsie creates a warm and safe space for discussion & questions. There is so much to consider about how showing up online impacts our communities & potential clients as well as what we ourselves feel comfortable with sharing but this course provides a really supportive community to explore these ideas and to not feel so alone during this process. I highly recommend Elsie's Instagram For Therapists course for any therapists who would like to use Instagram to share what they do but don't know where to start." 

Meryn | June 2022 cohort

Hi! - I'm Elsie 

Or @the_peoplepleasing_therapist and I LOVE Instagram!

Since 2020, I’ve built a community of 20,000 followers and it's been the main way new clients find me for about the 18 months. 

Being on Instagram has also allowed me to diversify the way I work - I’ve grown an email list and now run an online course, groups and workshops. None of this would've been possible if I hadn’t learned how to use it properly - I consumed A LOT of training to make sure I understood what I was doing!

I also have a background and real interest in marketing which has helped me hugely. I remember thinking when I started on Instagram that if I could make it work for me and my practice, then I would love to guide fellow therapists through the same process…and here I am! 

It's lovely you're reading this and maybe considering joining me. I would SO love to welcome you into the course if it feels right for you. I’m here if you have any questions, just get in touch.


We’ll be together for 3 weeks in total and connect in the following ways:


We’ll meet weekly for 1.5 hour Zoom workshops - on Mondays at 12-1:30pm UK time. All workshops will be recorded and will be just as valuable when watched on replay.


Course materials are hosted on a platform called Teachable and are a mixture of: 


Short podcast-style audio teachings, PDF downloads, ‘guest interviews’ with a couple of Instagram coaches & fellow therapists and a bonus workshop with an Instagram Reels coach. 


We’ll also be together in a closed Facebook group. Questions, challenges and general sharing will be so welcome there! You can still complete the course without being in the group if you prefer. 

Previous feedback:


"I was intrigued but unsure - and unclear - about using Instagram as a way to market my private practice. Elsie was encouraging and supportive from the first moment I made contact, and all the way through the course. The course content was very well thought out and perhaps went beyond my expectations... I discovered a lot of things that I didn't initially know that I didn't know! The course was stimulating and inspiring and has left me feeling curious and much more confident in how to use Instagram in a way that feels comfortable for me in my context. I really appreciated how Elsie didn't position herself as the 'expert' in Instagram (although she certainly has loads of expertise on how therapists can use Instagram effectively) but, rather, as a gentle guide throughout the course, sharing her knowledge and supporting me to move forward in a way that felt right for me. I am very glad that I took this course - thank you!"​

Nicola | June 2022 cohort

Week 1: Profile

Set up your account correctly, get clear on your Instagram intentions and learn how to build a profile people want to follow.

Week 2: Content

Get clear on the types of content you could create, which you want to focus on and make a plan for how you'll start.

Week 3: Community

Understand what makes Instagram communities grow and learn how to encourage followers to become clients.

Monthly Zoom workshops:


  • Monday 16th January at 12 - 1:30pm UK time 

  • Monday 23rd January at 12 - 1:30pm UK time 

  • Monday 30th January at 12 - 1:30pm UK time 

Reels workshop: 

  • To be confirmed 

Follow up workshop:

We'll also meet for a 'reunion' workshop to touch base with progress since finishing the course and ask any final questions. Our reunion session will be on Monday 20th February at 12pm. 

All other course materials are pre-recorded and available on-demand via a portal called Teachable.

  • 3 x Live 1.5 hour Instagram workshops.

  • 1 x 1 hour special 'Reels for therapists' guest workshop.

  • 2 x Live 1.5 hour follow up workshop.

  • Recorded interviews with fellow therapists & Instagram coaches.

  • Really useful reflection prompts & templates.

  • 3 weeks of group support & connection.

  • Your copy of the Instagram for Therapists course workbook.

  • Lots of examples to inspire you.

  • The Facebook group for all the extra questions and support. 

  • A clear plan for moving forward.



Enter your details below to join the waitlist for the January 2023 group. Being on the waitlist means you'll be first to hear when booking opens and have the option to book your space for the lowest price: 

Cost | £350*

*Waitlist exclusive price: £300

All those who join the waitlist (above) before booking opens will get exclusive access to this special waitlist price when registration opens.


The following payment plans will be available:

1 x payment of £300

2 x monthly instalments of £150

3 x monthly instalments of £100

4 x monthly instalments of £75

Full price: £350

If you have any questions, just click here to send me an email and I'll get back to you.

Previous feedback:


"I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is unsure of how to use their Instagram as part of their business. The knowledge and experience Elsie was able to share was invaluable. The main learning for me was to believe in my knowledge and experience and not get bogged down by all of the other pages out there. I have come away from the course feeling so much more positive and confident in how best to use Instagram to boost my business. Thank you Elsie"

Jackie | June 2022 cohort

  • You’ve been meaning to give Instagram a try and just haven’t yet. 

  • You’re already set up but aren’t sure you’re doing it as well as you could be.

  • You’re ready to create an Instagram strategy that works for you and helps you grow your practice.

  • You already have an established account that you want to take to the next level. 

  • You want a ‘one size fits all’ solution to using Instagram as a therapist. 

  • You’re not *that* interested in making your Instagram work for you. 

Previous feedback:


"Thank you very much for the training, although I wasn't able to attend live I got loads from it - it's been a huge boost and I feel much more confident to put things out there now. I also feel clearer in my direction, with a little less pressure too. The course has been a very positive, fun, and motivating experience for me - thank you!"

Kimberley | June 2022 cohort

Is this course for me if…?

If you’re wondering if the course is right for you, the best thing is to send me an email or a message on Instagram and we can work it out!

When does registration close? 

Assuming there are still spaces left, you will be able to sign up until midnight (UK) the day before the course begins. 

Will you run this course again? 

I really hope so! It’ll depend on interest, demand and my diary. I don’t have a date confirmed for a 4th cohort at the moment though. 

Is there any accessible pricing available? 

The course costs £350 which you can choose to spread over 2, 3 or 4 monthly payments at no extra cost. Just choose the option that works for you in the payment section above.


What’s your refund policy?

Course purchases are non-refundable, so please make the decision that's right for you.

When does the course start and finish? 

Monday 16th January - Friday 3rd February 2023. 

When are the live workshops? 

We’ll meet weekly for 1.5hr Zoom workshops on Mondays at 12pm UK time. 

Do I have to attend the workshops live / will there be replays? 

No, and yes! You may miss out on some group discussion if you don’t attend live, but the Facebook group is there to start conversations and ask all the questions! The replays will be shared in Teachable after the calls finish and will be available for an extra week after the course closes. 


What’s the workload like? 

Not too heavy! All the content is in bite-sized chunks and designed to fit around existing commitments. Each week you’ll have a 90min group workshop to attend/watch plus some supporting content to complete in your own time. This could be some short videos walking you through an aspect of Instagram, a PDF checklist to download and use or a short audio teaching…


How long will I have access to the materials for? 

Access to the Facebook group, workshop replays and course materials will expire one month after the course finishes. 


What support is provided outside of the workshops? 

I will be on-hand in the Facebook group from the Monday to Friday of each week.


Can you offer personal feedback?

You will be able to ask direct questions in some of the workshops and within the Facebook group - this can include personal feedback if you wish and will depend on the size and demands of the group. 

Got a question I haven’t answered here? No problem, get in touch by email or on Instagram and I’ll happily share my thoughts. Thank you! 

Previous feedback:


"Elsie's course was so wonderful for me. As a trainer, she brings such a warm, grounding, open energy, encouraging conversation, and encouraging you to figure out what works for you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, or unsure about how to approach instagram, this course can be a wonderful way of starting to ground yourself while being in a community who knows exactly where you're at". 

Ayamma | June 2022 cohort

"I joined because I would love to one day deliver workshops myself and because of the content that was going to be covered. What was promised in the marketing of the course was definitely what was delivered which was wonderful. I have searched for a long time for a course that resonated with the way I would like to approach Instagram (and marketing) and I was overjoyed with the content and style of delivery. It has given me a pathway forward to grow my business, and more confidence to bring my authentic self to the platform of Instagram. I highly recommend Instagram for Therapists. I gained a lot of information about the practical side of Instagram, but what I found most helpful were the techniques and support to help with "ickiness" of putting my business (and myself) out into the world."

Nina | June 2022 cohort