Make time for YOU

An online workshop to help you learn to prioritise self-care in your daily life, plus access to a 7-day support community to put your discoveries into action

Workshop: Sunday 24th January @ 2pm

Support Community: 25th - 31st January

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You probably know self-care is really important and that prioritising yourself a bit more could help you feel a lot better.

You have a sense that doing more self-care could help you feel calmer, more relaxed, balanced even.


But there just isn't always the time, you put it off and other stuff takes priority. 


And when you do have time for yourself, you feel guilty for making this more important than other things, or people, or tasks on your list.

You'd love to find a way to factor self-care into your routine, so you feel more centred, clear-headed and refuelled. 


You're very busy.

The day runs away with you and then you're out of time.


Sometimes you just totally forget. 

It just doesn't always feel that productive....

What if you were able to make more time for yourself? 

Without all the things you 'should' be doing bothering you...and without it feeling like a huge, unattainable task?

Hi - I'm Elsie 

I'm a recovering people-pleaser and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. 

For a long time, my life and my feelings were dictated by other people - I didn't know what it meant to do things purely for myself.
It felt selfish and unkind. 
I would regularly over-commit myself, only to let others down (the very thing I was trying to avoid) and I prided myself on being flexible and easygoing.  

After losing my way a little and ending up in therapy, I slowly learned that there was another way to live.
A way of life that was centred on what I needed and wanted.
...and it didn't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person I thought it would - who knew?!

Today, I absolutely love helping other lovely people discover this, too. 

'Make time for YOU' is a live online workshop to help you integrate self-care into your daily life, in a sustainable way that feels achievable, as opposed to overwhelming. 


I would love to share my thoughts with you about how you can make yourself more of a priority, so you can, little by little, start living as if you are as important as I'm imagining you make everyone else.

I've also created a private Facebook group for 7 days after the workshop, where we can all support each other with putting what we cover into action.

What will you get? 

  • A 30-45min live workshop, hosted online by me (inc. access to the recording for 7 days)

  • A gentle invitation to take part in a 7-day self-care challenge, starting on the Monday after the workshop

  • Access to the Facebook group to connect with me and others taking part in the challenge

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