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More Than Therapy

A workshop for therapists | Friday 9th June at 10am on Zoom

With Elsie Owen & Charlotte Braithwaite

A practical, wisdom-sharing workshop for therapists seeking to diversify beyond 1:1 therapy.

Maybe you'd like to earn more, spread your income across additional sources for stability or explore other options simply because you want to do more than just therapy...

Join us for an honest, insightful and inspirational exploration of what's possible beyond 1:1. 

Workshop price: £85


10am - 1pm on Friday 9th June, live on Zoom. 

(Recording will be available)

Charlotte and Elsie_edited.jpg

*All the live spaces have now sold out* 


But there is the option to purchase the recording! We'll send it straight to your inbox as soon as the workshop finishes.

Reflections from participants of our previous workshops:

"Really valuable and enjoyable, so much learning and reflection"


"Sharing your own personal experiences was really beneficial"

"I feel validated and more confident around charging higher fees. I feel less guilty about wanting to make money"

Got a question? 

Click here to send us an email & we'll happily get back to you!

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