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Nail your niche

An online workshop for Therapists

with Elsie Owen + Charlotte Braithwaite

Friday 20th October at 10am - 1pm | £85

Learn how to identify and attract the people you most love to work with, so your marketing becomes easier and much more effective. 

Finding a group of people you love working with, who also want to work with you, is a bit of a golden ticket when it comes to nailing your marketing (and actually enjoying your private practice!)


Not only will talking really clearly and directly to these people help you find more therapy clients, it will also hugely increase your opportunities to earn more money through specialising and/or offering more than just therapy.


Whilst most of us will have heard of the idea of ‘finding your niche’, it often evokes anxiety, confusion and even controversy amongst therapists. 


Whether you're not sure about 'blocking out' a big proportion of potential clients, or you're comfortable with the idea of niching but really struggle with working out who and what your niche might be, our workshop is here to help!

Let us introduce ourselves!

We're Charlotte & Elsie, Psychotherapists and Mentors for fellow therapists. We met in 2020 through the Network for Younger Counsellors and Psychotherapists (NYCP), and quickly found friendship and camaraderie. 

Many of our conversations were around the subject of specialising or - in marketing-jargon - ‘niching’. We both have backgrounds in marketing, so we understood the advantage of identifying an ‘ideal client’, but weren't sure how to apply this thinking to our therapeutic work. 


Fast-forward to today and although we've approached the idea of niching in different ways (we'll share more in the workshop!) being able to talk with clarity to the people we want to work with has made a huge difference to the success of our businesses. Niching has enabled us both to diversify the ways we work and so, significantly increase how much we earn as therapists. 

We're excited to share our learnings and hold space for you to find clarity, too!

Charlotte and Elsie
  • You're familiar with the idea of finding a niche and you want to learn more about where to start. 

  • Or you have an idea of who you want to work with, but struggle to narrow it down from other options and it's feeling over-complicated.

  • You find it difficult to find the right words to communicate with your niche, without using terminology that doesn’t resonate with clients.

  • You wonder if niching will reduce your number of client inquiries and make you ‘too specialised’ (we felt this too and found it's actually the opposite!) 

  • You'd love to work just with the clients you feel fully equipped to support and really enjoy working with. 

  • You want to put yourself in a good position to offer more than just 1-1 therapy (workshops, presentations, courses etc.)

  • You're aware that therapists with a specialism seem to charge more, and you like the idea of being able to confidently increase your fee.

Finding your niche doesn’t have to be some mythical conquest or a convoluted process. It's possible to find clarity and confidence!

What to expect from the workshop:

We're meeting on Friday 20th October 2023 from 10am - 1pm, online on Zoom*.

*Please let us know if you're unable to make it live, so we can send you the recording. 


We will be a group of no more than 15 participants plus us, so there will be plenty of space to share with the group and ask us questions as much as you wish. 

The workshop will be delivered through honest conversation, gentle anecdotal teaching, reflective prompts and collaborative sharing. 

We will: 

  • Bust some of the myths that you may have been carrying about niching and clarify what is actually meant by the term.

  • Explore the ways in which choosing to specialise can also increase opportunity for diversification, help you position yourself as an expert and increase your income.


  • Transparently share the ways in which we have both ‘niched’ our businesses, to offer 'behind the scenes' insight and an opportunity to ask questions about our experiences. 

  • Look at the different ways you can begin to approach finding a niche and how you may present this in your marketing (social media, website, directories etc).

  • Gently guide you with practical prompts around how you may identify your unique niche angle and what might be required, so you leave with clarity around what's next for you and your business. 

The first half of the workshop is led by our teaching and sharing, before a more discussion-led second half. 

Secure your space | £85

To protect the value of the group, there are only 15 spaces available. Our last workshop sold-out, so we recommend taking action now if you want to join us!

Choose to pay in full or 2 split payments of £42.50, taken 1 month apart:

Payments are non-refundable, please purchase mindfully. 

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Got a question? 

Click here to message Charlotte or click here to message Elsie & we'll happily get back to you!

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