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Say "yes" to you

A 3-week self-study course for tired people-pleasers who don't know how else to be. 

The people-pleaser is someone who prioritises other people, at the cost of themselves. They care deeply and want to make others happy, so they go above and beyond. The people-pleaser is the one their friends and family go to first because their fear of upsetting people means they’re always there. They don't want to let people down, so they regularly find themselves doing things they don't want to do. They're tired, overstretched and need things to be different, but they don't know how else to be.

This course will help you to:

  • Understand your people-pleasing and make sense of why it feels so hard to prioritise yourself. 

  • Reconnect with yourself, so you start to value your happiness and comfort more. 

  • Create small but impactful changes, so you start to include yourself in the care and kindness you offer everyone else.

This course is for you, if:

  • You give a lot of yourself to everyone else: Nearly always saying 'yes' when you know you mean something else, offering to help when you don't have capacity, committing to things you're not realistically able to do. 

  • You bend and shape yourself: Agreeing when you don't, apologising when it's not your fault, saying you 'don't mind' when you do, minimising your feelings and not vocalising your needs in favour of 'keeping the peace'.

  • You feel responsible for other people: Worrying about whether they are ok, feeling preoccupied by their problems as if they are your own, doing whatever you can to make things better for them, struggling to separate yourself from their feelings. 

...If this is describing your experience, then I wrote this course with you in mind!

Register your interest:

The course will first be available to those who register their interest. Share your details below to receive updates and a discount if you choose to sign up!

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