What is people-pleasing

& why do we do it?

Zoom Workshop with Elsie Owen

Do you know where your need to please others comes from? Or why finding out is a great way to start making change?

A 1-hour online workshop recorded live in June 2021 (£25)

Feeling responsible for everyone's happiness is not an unchangeable character trait

Putting everyone before yourself isn't just a quirk of your personality.

...If it was as simple as not caring what people think, you'd already have let that go...

this workshop covers:

  • What people-pleasing actually is

  • How and why a need to please most commonly develops

  • How to use this info to [start to] stop people-pleasing

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Hello - I'm Elsie 

I'm a recovering people-pleaser and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. 

For a long time, my life and my feelings were dictated by other people - I didn't know what it meant to do things purely for myself.


It felt selfish and unkind. 


I would regularly over-commit myself, only to let others down (the very thing I was trying to avoid) and I prided myself on being flexible and easygoing.  

After losing my way a little and ending up in therapy, I slowly learned that there was another way to live.


A way of life that was centred on what I needed and wanted.


...and it didn't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person I thought it would - who knew?!

Today, I absolutely love helping other lovely people discover this, too.