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Elsie Owen 
Online Therapy,
Workshops & Courses

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If you're here because you're finding life challenging right now, welcome, I hope you get what you're looking for by visiting my site. 


You might be looking into therapy so you can access a safe space to process how the current circumstances are impacting you, or it could be that now feels like the perfect time to start a journey towards changes you've been seeking for some time. Whether recent events have prompted you to question your future, explore how you treat yourself, wonder if you need to make changes in your relationships or something else, discovering a space to make sense of your feelings can feel like a big relief. 

Whatever brings you through my (online) door, my goal is to welcome you into a friendly, relaxed and gentle space where I will ask questions about you and your life. I'd like to understand what it’s like to be you - how you think, feel and how you see yourself. 


We’ll find creative ways to make online therapy work for you, by holding sessions by video conferencing or telephone. Either way, I will guide you through the process of creating a safe and therapeutic space at home, that will enable you to have a positive and fulfilling experience of therapy. 

To find out whether I offer what you're looking for, take a look around and if you'd like to explore working together, head over to complete my waitlist form. I work slowly and gradually with my clients which means I don't always have immediate availability. I ask everyone to complete the form as it's a great way to learn a little about you and work out whether I feel a good fit with what you're looking for. If you'd like to know the steps we'd take before starting work together, have a look at the Services and Fees page. 

Alongside 1:1 Online Therapy, I also run The Boundaries Course 3-4 times a year, various online workshops and I write a fortnightly self-care newsletter called The Seed. I also post regularly to instagram as @the_peoplepleasing_therapist and you're welcome to join me there. 

Thanks so much for visiting.

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