The Boundaries Course

Learn to identify, communicate & maintain gentle boundaries in your life & relationships

The Boundaries Course 3.0 opens for enrolment in September 2021 - click below to be notified

Maybe you know you need to work on your boundaries. 
All too often, you don't express your needs because you don’t want to annoy anyone.

To avoid the unbearable awkwardness of disappointing others, you ignore that little internal voice that silently screams "no".

If only you could start saying what you want a bit more and apologise unnecessarily a bit less.


You're fearful of how people will see you. 

You don't want them to think you're difficult.

There's always that feeling of not wanting to upset anyone.

Imagine if you could say no to invitations without that heavy feeling of guilt for letting people down?

Or maybe you'd like to say more of what works for you, without worrying what people will think?

Hello - I'm Elsie 

I'm a recovering people-pleaser and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. 

For a long time, my life and my feelings were dictated by other people - I didn't know what it meant to do things purely for myself.


It felt selfish and unkind. 


I would regularly over-commit myself, only to let others down (the very thing I was trying to avoid) and I prided myself on being flexible and easygoing.  

After losing my way a little and ending up in therapy, I slowly learned that there was another way to live.


A way of life that was centred on what I needed and wanted.


...and it didn't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person I thought it would - who knew?!

Today, I absolutely love helping other lovely people discover this, too. 

The Boundaries Course is a simple, gentle and ever so gradual guide to boundaries - we'll explore what they are, how you feel about them and what's stopping you using them in your life. 

I'd love to show you how to connect with your needs, name some boundaries (we'll start off small) and discover how to communicate them with confidence and kindness to those around you.

“Before I did The Boundaries Course, I wanted to gain a better understanding and insight into the concept of boundaries - specifically people pleasing behaviour and feeling 'responsible' for others, so that I might be better able to address this (exhausting!) behaviour in my own life, and start to tip the balance towards me for a change.

I now have a much clearer awareness of when I'm not acting in my best interest and the impact that inevitably has on me and my well-being....The course has helped me gain a real logical understanding of what previously I couldn’t really articulate or get my head round, or see a way out of, in terms of those patterns of behaviour that I'm so used to.

I found the encouragement and time to reflect most useful. The pace was perfect, small and bitesize learning but hugely impactful at the same time. Also I think it really helped that [Elsie has her] own first-hand experience in people-pleasing and boundaries and so the teaching felt authentic and proven - which gave me confidence and reassurance". 

Ciara | Completed The Boundaries Course in February 2021

How is it delivered?

  • 5 weeks of guided self-study

  • 3 trainings each week, sent to you by email on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning 

  • Short exercises to do on Tuesdays, Thursdays and over the weekends - things like templates to complete or journal prompts to reflect on

  • 10-minute (or less) trainings, with the choice of listening to the audio or reading the transcript

  • 1 live group session with me on Zoom, each Thursday evening at 7:30 or 8pm (TBC) UK time 

During our 5 weeks together, you'll learn:

  • More about your personal relationship to boundaries

  • How to start listening to your inner voice and what you really need

  • Where + how to start creating achievable boundaries in your life

  • How to go about asking for what you need in a gentle, kind and compassionate way

  • What to be mindful of, so you have the best chance of maintaining your new boundaries long-term

This course can:

  • Help you to understand your relationship with boundaries 

  • Help you develop small, manageable boundaries (like saying no to things you don't want to do)

  • Support you to step into your own power & create meaningful changes for yourself

This course can not:

  • Provide an alternative or substitute to working with a therapist

  • Support you with creating more complex boundaries (like overcoming longstanding relationship difficulties)

  • Offer you a 'one size fits all' or fast-track method for finding boundaries easy 

"When I started the course, I was looking for more clarity around boundaries, how to set and maintain them. Benefits I have experienced include more confidence in setting boundaries within my existing relationships and feeling better able to maintain them/notice any breaches & identify where I need to reinforce them. All the content was super accessible and valuable - a huge thank you to you Elsie :) you've created a fantastic resource!" ~


Anon | Completed The Boundaries Course in December 2020

Got a question?

How much time will I need? 

It's up to you how much you choose to do. The trainings are all 10 minutes, 3 days each week and you'll then have exercises to complete on the other days. We'll also be meeting on Zoom for 45-60mins on a Thursday evening. As an estimate, I'd suggest setting aside about 45mins each day. The idea is to get into the habit of reflecting on your boundaries in general, so you may find some of the 'work' happens organically, whilst you're doing other things. And that's great! 

Can I go at my own pace?

You can go slower, not quicker. The 5 week timeframe is purely my suggestion, it's up to you how long you take to listen to each training and to do the exercises. But you can't do the course in less than 5 weeks, this needs to be gradual - plenty of time for reflection and processing is really important. 

Do I need a course log in?

Everything will be sent to you via the email you use when you sign up. You could create a folder in your inbox and save everything in one place if you wish. 

How long will I have access?

You'll have lifetime access to all the trainings and exercises - all the more reason to save the emails somewhere safe! I want this to be something you can revisit as many times as you need. For example, you could go back to certain parts every time you want to set a new boundary, if that felt helpful. 

Will the group support sessions be recorded?

Yes, you'll get a link to watch the session recordings on a Friday morning. Access to the recordings will expire when the course finishes. 

Is the course taught live?

The trainings are all pre-recorded, the group support session on Thursday evenings will be run live by me.

Is there a Facebook group or community for participants?

No, there is no group or community. ​​I'll be available on email for support and questions, as well as during the live group session on Thursdays.  

Something else?

Email (inbox monitored only by me)

"The course was really well structured so I felt like I was being guided gently through thinking and planning. Elsie is really knowledgeable and has a great way of delivering information clearly and calmly so you feel really supported all the way through"


Gemma | Completed The Boundaries Course in December 2020