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The Boundaries Course

Learn to prioritise yourself and start living more on your own terms.

Enrolment is currently closed; scroll down to read about the course and enter your details below to register your interest in future openings:

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This course is for you if you struggle to put yourself first, and would love for things to be different...

If, after a long time giving to everyone else, you’re ready to create more space for your own needs and get comfortable with focussing on yourself. 

You probably already know that you could do with ‘working on your boundaries’.

But you may not really know what you want or what your boundaries even are. 
The idea of anyone thinking you’re being ‘difficult’ might feel deeply uncomfortable. Maybe you can't stand the thought of upsetting someone in favour of listening to what you want. 

I’d love to reassure you that you can do more of what you need without it feeling confrontational, awkward or unreasonable. 

Because you're important too. Your needs matter just as much as everyone else's. 

Maybe some of this feels familiar? 
•  You give a lot of yourself to everyone else, so you don't have energy left for you. 

•  You think about the comfort and happiness of everybody around you – to the detriment of your own.

•  You almost always say "yes", even when you know you need something else.

•  You hate letting people down, but as you’re always overcommitting yourself, you often do.

•  You prefer to avoid conflict and often agree to things or don't speak up, just to keep the peace.

•  You don't always know what you want or what you need.

•  If you do know what you want, you tend not to listen and ignore or minimise instead. 

•  You've become known for your helpfulness and it feels like that's how you always have to be.

•  People seem to expect a lot from you, often more than you can give. 

•  You sometimes see other people asking for what they need and wonder why you can’t do the same.

Imagine if taking really good care of yourself became as important as looking after everyone else...

If you knew how to really listen to what you want and what you need? 

The Boundaries Course can help you get there. This is what previous member Alice had to say when she finished the course last November:

"I was starting to feel annoyed with my status at the bottom of the pile and I truly believed that I should put the needs of others before my own and, although I knew I needed to make some changes, I was concerned about being selfish, insensitive or unkind. 

I can already feel that I’m pausing before doing ‘people pleasing’ things that I would previously have done on autopilot. I have a growing sense that I will be able to make some positive, long-lasting changes in my life. The course has been life-changing! I feel more confident, connected to my inner-voice in a way I have never felt before and my sense of self-worth has definitely increased."

Alice | Completed The Boundaries Course in November 2021

Introducing The Boundaries Course

Over our 5 weeks together, you’ll learn to:

✓  Gently start to take up space and ask for the things you need.

✓  Listen to your inner voice – honouring it when it says ‘no’.

✓  Understand that you’re not responsible for everybody else in your life.

✓  Start the process of separating yourself from the needs of others.

✓  Tolerate other people not always feeling ok with your choices.
✓  Enjoy more balanced relationships that have space for you in them too.

✓  Develop a more loving, caring, kind relationship with yourself.

✓  Choose to look after yourself a lot better and more consistently.

✓  Understand that you’re not alone in this, as you enjoy a safe and comfortable space to talk about all of this stuff with people who feel the same. 


Past member Amy's experience: 

"Saying no to family & friends, and saying no at work was just not something I did, and if I did, it felt like I was letting them down.

I feel more in contact with what I need and I don’t ignore it so much. Now I know it’s ok to be like “ok what do I need, how can I make myself more comfortable”. It’s not being selfish, I think that’s what I really appreciated about the course…it’s easy to feel guilty but it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes. 

I feel like a completely different person to who I was a couple of months ago. I really like who I am today.” 

Amy | Completed The Boundaries Course in June 2021


Hello - I'm Elsie 

I'm a recovering people-pleaser and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. 

For a long time, my life and my feelings were dictated by other people - I didn't know what it meant to do things purely for myself.
It felt selfish and unkind. 
After losing my way a little and ending up in therapy, I slowly learned that there was another way to live.
A way of life that was centred on what I needed and wanted.
...and it didn't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person I thought it would - who knew?!

I love helping other people discover this too. 

When my private therapy practice became too busy to start working with new 1:1 clients, I created The Boundaries Course to help this invaluable learning reach more people, and in a much more accessible way. 

This is the fourth time I’ve run the course and I can’t wait to support more wonderful people, like you, through the process.

what you'll learn

Each week, you’ll get teachings and exercises to help you set, communicate and maintain your own gentle boundaries, so you finally start valuing what works for you. 


Here's the topic for each week:

  1. Resetting your relationship to boundaries. You’ll reflect on your own experience of boundaries and learn what setting a boundary really means.

  2. Connecting to your inner voice. We’ll look at where you need boundaries and why you need them, and you’ll identify an area to focus on.

  3. Clearing space for change. Here’s where you create your vision for a more boundaried life. You’ll also learn how to identify and transform your limiting beliefs about boundaries.

  4. Communicating your boundaries. You’ll practise asking for what you need in a gentle, kind and compassionate way. And start to build your tolerance towards discomfort.

  5. Maintaining your boundaries. In our final week, you’ll be putting in place all the support you need to hold and maintain your boundaries in the longer term. And we’ll finish with a group celebration of all that you’ve achieved.

I’ll help you connect with your needs, name some new boundaries (we'll start off small) and discover how to communicate them with confidence and kindness to those around you.

How The Boundaries Course works

The course is a combo of self-paced learning and group support. Here's how everything fits together: 

Course Content

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you'll get a short email from me including:

  • A link to an audio teaching.

  • A link to some exercises, usually connected to the topic of the teaching.

Listen to the teachings (all 10mins or less) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and take about 30mins on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on weekends, to do the exercises. 

The content is available for life - for as long as it exists - so you can revisit whenever you need. 

The Boundaries Course Workbook

At the start of the course, you'll receive your copy of The Boundaries Course Workbook, which brings together the written versions of the teachings, the exercises and space to reflect on each step of the process.

Support Pods

The whole group will be split into smaller boundaries 'pods' (max 10 members) for support and encouragement. This is where you'll be able to share your challenges (and wins!) questions, reflections and difficulties and get to know a smaller number of fellow course members.


Pods are hosted on an app called Voxer, which functions just like Whatsapp with text and voice note options. Think of it like a boundaries group chat, designed to be less overwhelming than an actual group chat and much more helpful. It's hosted on Voxer on purpose - so it's separate to 'normal' life and you can be intentional about using it. Voxer works on mobile or desktop and is totally free to use.

Zoom Calls

We'll meet twice as a whole group on Zoom:

  • Monday 7th Feb: Group Welcome Call @ 19:00 GMT

  • Friday 11th March: Group Closing Call @ 19:00 GMT

Everyone taking part in this cohort will be invited, so you'll meet the rest of your pod and members from other pods, too. Both calls will be recorded, so don't worry too much if you can't make them live!


Just a note that all of this is entirely optional - you can choose a schedule for the content that works for you; watch the recordings of the calls if you prefer; engage with your pod as much or as little as you like, or not at all. The course is designed with flexibility in mind - you can make it work for you. 

Past member Ciara's experience: 

“I found the encouragement and time to reflect so useful. The pace was perfect, small and bitesize learning but hugely impactful at the same time. 

Also I think it really helped that [Elsie has her] own first-hand experience in people-pleasing and boundaries and so the teaching felt authentic and proven – which gave me confidence and reassurance". 

Ciara | Completed The Boundaries Course in February 2021

How The Boundaries Course feels

This course will give you the gentle encouragement and loving space you need to start living more on your own terms.

I will fully support you, guiding you through the audio teachings & exercises and within your support pod.
And you’ll be part of a real community of brilliant people who totally get it. You’ll feel seen, heard and understood as you take this journey together.

Past member Mégan's experience: 


“The Boundaries Course was completely wonderful from beginning to end. Elsie did a phenomenal job of creating a safe, supportive environment for us all to share freely and I felt uplifted each week thanks to the openness, warmth and kindness of the other women who took part in the course.

The boundaries group was a key draw for me in going for the course. Everyone was so open and I was constantly inspired by everyone’s bravery. I felt a real kinship with them all.

We still keep in touch and cheer each other on with our small wins as we continue on our boundaries journeys which is so lovely. 

Everyone should do this course, it’ll change your life! I’m cheering any future attendees on!”

Mégan | Completed The Boundaries Course in June 2021

your investment

➢ 5 weeks of guided self-study

➢ 15 x audio teachings (and transcripts) 

➢ 15 x reflective exercises including templates, cheat-sheets and journal prompts 

➢ 2 x 90-minute live group sessions with me on Zoom 

➢ 5 weeks of personalised group support on Voxer 

➢ Your copy of The Boundaries Course Workbook 

➢ A safe and comfortable space to talk about and explore all of this stuff with other people who feel the same

➢ Dedicated email support 

➢ Lifetime access to the course materials



Ready to join? 

Enrolment is currently closed. Click the button below to register your interest in future openings of the course:

Past member Gemma's experience: 

"I have struggled with boundaries for a long time, but especially so over the past year and find it so hard to put myself first without feeling guilty. The course has given me some brilliant advice that I can implement.


And the group was supportive. It was lovely to hear other people's experiences and to know I was not alone in everything. 

If you are debating doing the course, I would say do it, it will be the best decision you make and you will not regret it at all."

Gemma | Completed The Boundaries Course in June 2021

This course can:

  • Help you to understand your relationship with boundaries 

  • Guide you to develop small, manageable boundaries (like saying no to things you don't want to do)

  • Support you to step into your own power & create meaningful changes for yourself

This course can not:

  • Provide an alternative or substitute to working with a therapist

  • Support you with creating more complex boundaries (like overcoming longstanding relationship difficulties)

  • Offer you a 'one size fits all' or fast-track method for finding boundaries easy 

Past member Julie's experience:

"I got so much more out of this course than I ever anticipated! I learned so much about myself through this work, and the pace of the lessons really guided me towards deep self-reflection and understanding/compassion.


The group was a lovely, supportive, communal experience. The camaraderie, bravery, vulnerability, honesty, encouragement and attentive listening made this course the rewarding experience it was for me – it's so important not to feel you are alone or the only one!"


Julie | Completed The Boundaries Course in June 2021

Got a question?

How much time will I need?
It's up to you how much you choose to do. The trainings are all 10 minutes, 3 days each week and you'll then have exercises to complete on the other days. You can put as much or as little time into interacting with your boundaries pod as you like. As an estimate, I'd suggest setting aside about 30-45mins each day. The idea is to get into the habit of reflecting on your boundaries in general, so you may find some of the 'work' happens organically, whilst you're doing other things. And that's great! 

Can I go at my own pace?
You can go slower, not quicker. The 5 week timeframe is purely my suggestion, it's up to you how long you take to listen to each training and to do the exercises. But you can't do the course in less than 5 weeks, this needs to be gradual - plenty of time for reflection and processing is really important. 

Do I need a course log in?
Everything will be sent to you via the email address you use when you sign up. You could create a folder in your inbox and save everything in one place if you wish. 

How long will I have access?
You'll have lifetime access to all the trainings and exercises - all the more reason to save the emails somewhere safe! I want this to be something you can revisit as many times as you need. For example, you could go back to certain parts every time you want to set a new boundary, if that felt helpful. 

Will the group group calls be recorded?
Yes, you'll get a link to watch the call recordings. Access to the recordings will expire when the course finishes. 

Is the course taught live?
The trainings are all pre-recorded, the group calls at the start and end are run live by me and all support within your boundaries pod will be in real time. 

Do I have to be in the UK to join? 
You can join from anywhere in the world - the Zoom sessions are on Monday 7th Feb at 19:00 - 20:30 GMT and Friday 11th March at 19:00 - 20:30 GMT. If these times don't work in your timezone, you can catch the recordings of the sessions instead.

Can I pay in another currency to GBP? 
Yes - when you make payment, my payment processor will convert the amount into your currency, in line with exchange rates at the time of your purchase. Drop me an email below if you have any issues with this!


Have a question I haven’t answered here?
No problem! Just email me at: (inbox monitored only by me) and I’ll get back to you.

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