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People-pleasing therapeutic coaching 

With Elsie Owen @the_peoplepleasing_therapist

Whether you're looking for support, clarity or practical tools to help, we can work together across a block of 4 - 8 therapeutic coaching sessions, to explore a specific area of your people-pleasing that you’d like to address. Working over a shorter period invites a focussed approach, where I blend aspects of coaching and psychotherapy.

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Is this the right support for you?

You're invited to bring an area or aspect of your people-pleasing that you’d like to explore, understand, get support with or make changes around. You might need: 


  • Support with a specific area of your life where your people-pleasing is particularly loud; this might be around work, a specific relationship or family dynamic. 

  • Tools for managing the feelings that you experience in relation to your people-pleasing, like anxiety around people's perception of you, feeling responsible for other people, a fear of seeming selfish if you prioritise yourself, or maybe guilt keeps you stuck. 

  • Help with your communication skills and advocating for yourself, so you feel more in control of your time, energy and resources, and more confident about setting boundaries that take care of you. 

...or it might be something else - sessions are tailored to who you are, what you want to focus on and where you want to get to. And if you aren't sure, we'll work it out together. 

My experience 

I've been a Psychotherapist for 7 years and I'm a recovering people-pleaser myself. Since starting my Instagram account @the_peoplepleasing_therapist in 2020, I've focussed on working with those who identify with people-pleasing tendencies both in the therapy room but also through my online course, groups and live workshops.


I combine my clinical training and experience with anecdotal learnings, to bring a practical, warm and gentle approach to my work. I really believe that with the right support, information and tools, it's absolutely possible to overcome your discomfort with prioritising yourself, so you can live a more authentic and fulfilling life, where you include yourself in the care and kindness you offer everyone else. 

What to expect from our sessions 

Complete the form below to enquire about working together and arrange an initial 15min Zoom chat. If we feel good about progressing, we'll meet for between 4 and 8 online sessions (we'll decide on a number together) and follow this structure: 

Session 1 (70mins): Our first session will be an extended assessment and goal-setting session - this is less formal than it sounds and will help us get to know each other, explore your reasons for seeking support and identify your goals.

Middle sessions: This is where the bulk of the ‘work’ happens and it’ll look different depending on who you are, what you’re bringing and how many sessions we have. There's often an emphasis on people-pleasing education to help build self-awareness, mindset reframes to help you shift any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back, as well as exploring practical tools and actions you may choose to take. We can also include things for you to do between sessions if this feels welcome, like journal prompts or practical exercises. 

Penultimate & ending session: We'll draw the process to a close by reflecting with an emphasis on how you'll integrate our work into your life beyond our sessions. We'll end with a summary of your next steps and talk about ongoing support options if this feels needed and welcome. 

Therapeutic coaching fees

Initial assessment session (70mins): £140 
Regular session (50mins): £110 (paid in advance of each session)
Block of 5 regular sessions: £500 (paid upfront)
Block of 7 regular sessions: £700 (paid upfront)

If you’d like to book a block of 6 or 8 sessions and split the cost, we can arrange 2 monthly instalments of: 

6 sessions = £320 x 2 
8 sessions = £420 x 2 

Enquiry form

Enquiry form for therapeutic coaching 

This short-term coaching approach is therapeutically informed, but is not the same as counselling or psychotherapy and won't be suited to everyone. This way of working together is supportive and solutions-focussed and is not suitable for exploring trauma or painful experiences. If on reading your form I feel a different style of support would be more suited, I'll offer alternative recommendations. I'm excited to hear from you!

Thank you - I'll be in touch by email within the week.

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