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About People-Pleasing Therapy

If you're thinking about therapy, it may be that you know it’s time to learn how to prioritise yourself. It could be that you're so busy doing things for others that you never get around to you, or you're always saying yes to things you can’t fit in or don’t actually want to do, or you have all the good intentions when it comes to self-care, but never quite manage to follow-through for yourself in the same way you do for everyone else. 

Some of us feel like who we are is shaped by what we can offer others. It might be that you’ve always been the helpful one, who jumps in to save people from their difficulties, and the idea of doing anything else fills you with guilt. Or perhaps you’re used to defaulting to other people's preferences and it would feel selfish to start saying what you want or need. Even the idea of seeming selfish is excruciating, isn’t it? 

People often come to me when they've realised something really needs to give. You may feel like you don't know who you are and want to repair your relationship with yourself. Maybe you'd like to build self-trust, so you don't look to other people for validation so much. You may want to find confidence around setting boundaries with family, friends or at work, to help you reclaim some of the time and energy you're always giving away. 

My clients tell me my approach is gentle, warm and practical. I really want things to be different for you and I'm here to encourage you all the way! The first step is to complete this enquiry form.

About having online therapy:


I offer remote therapy sessions either via Zoom or phone. I'm based in the UK and I work with clients all over the world; regrettably, I'm unable to work with clients based in the US or Canada. This is for licensing and insurance reasons. 

Working online will offer you the warmth and connection of face-to-face sessions, but with added convenience and comfort. I’ll guide you through the process of creating a therapeutic space at home so you feel grounded and comfortable in our sessions. 

I tend to meet clients on a weekly basis, and suggest we meet for at least 6 weekly sessions to start. From here, the frequency of sessions is something we can discuss to best suit you, your goals and needs moving forward. 

What's needed from you:

For online sessions, you'll need access to the internet (strong enough to watch Netflix) and a device that has a camera (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). If you'd prefer to have therapy via phone, a stable signal is essential. 

For all therapy sessions, it's vital you have a safe, quiet and private space to speak from. I also recommend earphones to help with sound quality and to create a feeling of privacy. 


  • 20-minute introductory phone call / online video meeting: FREE

  • 50-minute online initial session: £90 - £110 

  • 50-minute online regular session: £90 - £110 

We'll talk about a fee that's affordable to you within the brackets above. Payment is made in advance of the session by bank transfer. Online payment is possible on request. 

Next steps:

I usually work slowly and gradually with my clients over a longer period of time (months/years). This means there's often a short wait to start sessions with me, as spaces don't come up so frequently. If you'd like to explore working together, the first step is to complete this enquiry form. I will respond to you within 48hrs about my current availability and if suitable, to organise an introductory 30-min Zoom call (free of charge). 

The call is a chance for you to elaborate on what you share in your enquiry form, ask me questions and for us both to explore whether we feel like a good fit to work together. There's no obligation to enter into therapy with me; you are welcome to use this as an opportunity to work out what you want and need.

If at the end of our chat we conclude that I’m not the right therapist for you, I’m very happy to make recommendations to support you in finding someone else.  

If we choose to work together, we'll organise an initial consultation session which acts as an extension of the call, where I'll ask gentle questions about yourself and your life and we can explore some possible goals. I'll also send you some paperwork for us both to sign before we begin. If we both feel happy to progress after the initial session, we'll then agree a weekly time to meet (if you need things to be flexible, that's ok too) and go from there.

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