A bit about me

I have always had an interest in people (some call me nosy) and this, combined with my own powerful experience of therapy as a young adult, inspired me to train to be a therapist. 

I practice using an integrative approach which is more simple than it might sound. It basically means that I integrate various tools from different approaches to therapy. In case you're interested, these are largely Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred and creative approaches (if these terms mean nothing to you, don't worry, they don't need to. If you'd like to know, I'd suggest a quick Google!). 


In September 2016, I commenced my training at the Northern Guild (Newcastle upon Tyne). I began clinical work in February 2017.

My background

Before I became a therapist, I worked in communications and marketing for a school and more recently, a company that coaches parents. 

I'm originally from London and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne to complete my training. I love nature (particularly flowers), I love animals and I like doing arts and crafts. I try to make therapy fun where it can be and aim to offer a gentle, welcoming and friendly environment. 

Areas of interest

I have worked with people from the age of 18 right up to 80 and whilst I do work with people of all ages, I particularly enjoy supporting young women and men (in their 20s, sometimes 30s) who are feeling lost, stuck, unsure of themselves or discontent. I often help them learn to be kinder to themselves and create a connection to their authentic selves, after sometimes years of feeling like they have been living an edited or censored version of who they really are.

Therapy with me is about exploring yourself, what your life has been like and how this can help us both to understand and make sense of the difficulties you're facing. The goal is to help you to identify the changes you are seeking and work towards finding a way to get there, together. 

Working with me

The relationship you build with your therapist is really important. To help us work out whether we are a good fit for working well together, I offer a free 15-min phone or video session. If you'd prefer to have a full initial consultation session without the call, you can book this straight away. This is always half-price (£25).

You are welcome to email me to book either a 15-min call or initial consultation: info@elsieowen.com



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