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Prosper in Practice

A 6-month business mentorship programme for Therapists

With Elsie Owen + Charlotte Braithwaite

Next cohort starts in September 2024


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Are you an ambitious therapist in private practice seeking to ‘up-level’ your business? 

Do you want to grow your practice beyond 1:1 therapy and develop multiple income streams to boost both your finances and work satisfaction?

Would you love to connect with fellow business-minded therapists in a supportive and encouraging environment?

If the answer is yes, then Prosper in Practice is tailored just for you!

Perhaps you'll resonate...

As therapists we go through extensive training and undergo clinical supervision to ensure that we are qualified and equipped to support our clients.

We may also have personal therapy to help us navigate our own life challenges, but what about the business challenges of running a private practice? 

Where do you take your questions about what systems can help with ethical admin? Who do you ask about how to approach a fee increase (and get guidance on how to have those awkward conversations?!)


How do you gain evidence-based guidance on how to market yourself better or launch a new offering?

We both struggled with the same predicament…

To briefly introduce ourselves:

If you aren’t already familiar with our faces, we are Elsie and Charlotte - fellow therapists, friends and ambitious business owners. Hello!

We met in 2020 via a therapist network and our friendship quickly flourished through a shared aspiration to build abundant and fulfilling practices.

In the early days, we shared how we felt alone in private practice and found mutual comfort and confidence in our conversations on the (at times) challenging behind the scenes of running a business. 

Though we had each invested in various courses and coaches, we noticed that generic coaching programmes didn’t appreciate the ethical elements of running a therapeutic business, nor the taboo of ‘making money’ as a therapist that permeates the industry (let’s just name that now!)


Fast forward 4 years and we both have full caseloads, reliable 'more than therapy' income streams and working hours that align with how we want our lives to be. One of the biggest joys is collaborating together on workshops, webinars and now this mentorship programme to support other therapists to create the same prosperity in practice for themselves.

Prosper in Practice is a bit like ‘supervision for your business’ - a space to get support with the business elements of running and growing a prosperous private practice.

Tailored for therapists already in practice, our 6-month mentorship is designed to help you clarify your business vision, accelerate action and growth and to connect you with a group of like-minded colleagues who really 'get it'.

Prosper in Practice is for therapists interested in:


If you're keen on diversifying income streams, mastering fees and finances, and creating a sustainable schedule that suits your lifestyle, this program is your catalyst.


Whether your definition of success includes financial milestones, professional goals, or specific achievements, this programme is for therapists with ambition and vision.


Prosperity is as much about how fulfilling your business feels as it is financial abundance. We want to help you identify the work you love and do more of it!

More about the programme:

The programme kicks off in September, exact date to be confirmed. 

The programme is made up of:

Fortnightly group mentoring sessions:
We'll meet online every other Friday from 10am to 12pm UK time. Everyone will have at least one 30min 'slot' per month to share and get personal input from us and the group. You'll be able to bring questions, challenges and anything else you'd like support with, as well as gain invaluable insights from witnessing what the rest of the group bring. 

Online strategy days:
Two of our Fridays will be longer online 'strategy' days (10am - 3pm UK time). Designed to propel you and your business forward, these are an opportunity to dive deep into strategic planning, with a focus on growth and innovation. 

WhatsApp group: this is a go-to space for camaraderie, cheerleading, and connection - as humans, not just as therapists. Share successes, seek input from each other, and build a network that lasts beyond the programme.

Celebration lunch: An important part of creating a sense of prosperity is the ritual of celebration! We will be inviting those who can make it to London, to join us for an in-person lunch towards the end of the programme, so we can gather together to commemorate your individual and shared successes. Date to be arranged. 

Programme dates: to be confirmed. 

The idea is to join all sessions live, but recordings will be available. 

If you have a question, you can reach out to Elsie or Charlotte and we'll come back to you.

Register your interest in Prosper in Practice | 8 spaces available

Earlybird investment: £200/month (full investment: £250)


Is this a coaching programme?

This is mentoring, not coaching. From our experience (we have both invested substantially in business coaching) coaching tends to be goal-oriented, typically income-focussed and not always industry-specific. We’re both working in our practices and have extensive experience to share based on what has and hasn’t worked well for us, hence this is a mentoring offering. Whilst we will absolutely be spending time building your business vision and thinking about things like increasing income, there will also be space to bring the current, everyday challenges of your practice, not just work on the goals. The best label we’ve found to describe our support is ‘business supervision’. 


Will I get personal feedback/mentoring? 

We are keeping the group to a maximum of 8 members to allow for at least one 30 minute personal mentoring ‘slot’ per month for each member within our group calls. There will also be additional opportunities for personal input during our strategy days. The structure of our sessions is based on the huge value that comes not just from sharing and being supported individually, but from witnessing the journeys of our fellows, as they inevitably navigate familiar and shared challenges. 


What is a strategy day? 

These are longer days at the start of the programme to kick us off and in May, around halfway through. The focus will be on taking stock, building your vision for the next 3 months and planning how you’ll create the changes you’re seeking. We’re really excited about the value having these longer focussed spaces to work ‘on’ your business will bring, especially when it comes not only to setting intentions, but taking action to actually make them happen!


Will there be support from Charlotte and Elsie between calls? 

The mentoring aspect of the programme will be contained within our fortnightly group calls, where everyone will have at least one opportunity to share at length, and receive personalised input, per month. The WhatsApp group will provide connection between calls, but is reserved primarily for peer connection and support. Charlotte and Elsie will be present in the group but any requests for direct mentoring support shared there will be responded to at the next group call. The WhatsApp group is a space to connect with each other as humans first, therapists second and the group calls, the opposite. 

Will the group mentoring calls and strategy days be recorded? 

We strongly encourage you to attend live unless you absolutely can’t. All sessions will be recorded for playback purposes and if needed, for those unable to attend on the day. 


Can I leave the programme early? 

We have chosen to make this a 6-month offering in the spirit of fostering a long-term support structure not just for you as a therapist, but for you as a human, too. However, there will be the option to leave the after 3 months if you're not happy with the programme. We intend to offer you something unique, that we both feel therapists in private practice are missing: tailored business support that speaks to the challenges and nuances of the nature of our work, within a community of like-minded fellows who, over time, we hope will start to feel like your trusted colleagues. 

If you're wondering if the programme is right for you and you'd like to chat about it, feel free to reach out to Charlotte or Elsie directly and we'll get back to you. 

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