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Money Mindset

A 2-part workshop for Therapists 

With Elsie Owen & Charlotte Braithwaite

Tuesdays 21st & 28th March | 7:30 - 8:30pm | On Zoom

Explore how you're relating to money in your work, engage in discussion around the wider financial frame within which we're working as therapists & build the confidence to charge your worth in private practice.

Let’s be honest, money ALWAYS brings up ‘stuff’ in the therapy room! And it's not just with the client... 

Whether we like it or not (most of us don't) the exchange of money, and all this brings, is a central part of the private practice dynamic. 


Yet, very rarely does our training give us proper support or guidance around how to approach and navigate the money side of running our therapy businesses.


So, whether you are newly qualified looking to set up in private practice and have no idea where to start with setting a fee…

Or you've been established for a while and know that you really need to navigate a fee increase, but have convinced yourself you can’t...

Money-related anxiety is no fun, and what’s more (talking from experience), it can seriously diminish your energy and enthusiasm when it comes to holding space for your clients and their needs.

Maybe this resonates?

  • The message that we should charge relating to level of experience and qualification feels familiar. Or by 'local' rates, even if we work online.

  • Directories and other therapists' websites inform what you can charge, as opposed to what's right for you.

  • Or maybe plucking a fee that ‘sounds right’ feels familiar, without considering whether it actually covers your financial commitments and costs.

  • Increasing your fee will be something you need to do (sooner or later) but you wouldn't feel confident to have that conversation.

  • It's hard to believe existing clients would accept an increase since the service they receive wouldn't have changed.

  • If you set your fee where it actually needs to be, you'd be concerned you wouldn't get enquiries and you don't want to 'price people out' of therapy.

  • Seeing other therapists charging higher fees gives you a simultaneous pang of admiration and envy - how the heck do they charge that much?!

We hope the workshops empower you with new perspectives, fresh inspiration and a growing confidence that you can charge your worth in private practice.

What to expect:

This is a 2-part guided group workshop suitable for both therapists looking to set up in private practice and therapists already established in private practice. The workshops will be delivered through honest conversation, reflective prompts and collaborative sharing. 

The Workshops


Across 2 hour-long sessions and through collaborative group discussion, prompts & exercises, we will: 


  • Invite you to explore your relationship to money, to help you make sense of how you're currently relating to it within your work.

  • Open up the wider money conversation, to explore the broader financial frame within which we're working. 

  • Create space for you to identify any money-positive changes you'd like to make within your practice - we hope you'll leave with more confidence and clarity about how you'll make them, too.

Both sessions will be delivered live on Zoom. Recordings will be shared for those who aren’t available to attend live. 

Workshop 1 - Tuesday 21st March, 7:30 - 8:30pm 


Up close & personal: Being aware of the story you hold around money is key to understanding (and reframing) your relationship to it.


We know as therapists that history plays an important role in every relationship - and that includes the one you have with money. Deep diving into the stories, feelings and memories you have around money, this first part is integral to unpicking your personal beliefs and behaviours with money that play out in your private practice.

Gaining (a New) Perspective: Transforming your perspective from one of taboo and turmoil, to honouring your time, true value and worth as a therapist.

One thing we can all be sure about is that money is a sensitive topic for many of us, so here we will look at the bigger context as to why money is so taboo (especially within the therapeutic industry!). But fear not, in this section, we will also begin to reframe a new perspective that acknowledges the reality of costs that you need to consider, and holds a value-led approach as to how you ‘price yourself’.


Workshop 2 - Tuesday 28th March, 7:30 - 8:30pm 


Getting Practical in Private Practice: Sharing collaborative ideas on HOW to implement a mindful-money strategy in private practice.

Here is where we get collaborative and creative! Together as a group, we will look at practical ways in which you can begin to mindfully implement money-positive changes to your private practice, with less anxiety and more confidence. 

Meet Elsie + Charlotte

Having met in 2020 through the Network for Younger Counsellors and Psychotherapists (NYCP), we quickly found a friendship, bonding over zoom and one very wet socially distanced walk!

In many-a-conversation over a cuppa, we confided about the challenges of managing client caseloads, the anxieties of fee increases and shared behind-the-scenes tools we had discovered along our way. Most of our conversations ended with one of us saying something along the lines of…

“It would have been so helpful to have had this support sooner!”

The more we talked, the more we illuminated a clear void between our clinical training and the actual practicalities of running a private practice as a business.

Charlotte and Elsie

We since have run courses together on how to set up in private practice but noticed one theme that perpetually carried more anxiety, questions and curiosity than others - money!

So to answer the call (and clearly the need), we developed this Money Mindset workshop to empower therapists with a new perspective around money, that supports you to cultivate the confidence and freedom to charge your worth.

Ready to join us?

We'd love to welcome you into what we're hoping will be a safe, holding & inspirational space.

Tickets cost £75

Pay in 1 payment or split the cost into 2 payments taken 1 month apart:

Ticket purchases are non-refundable, please book mindfully.

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Got a question? 

Click here to message Charlotte or click here to message Elsie & we'll happily get back to you!

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