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People-pleasing group 

£150/month for 3 months | Next group starts February 2023

People-pleasing is very common, but most people don't talk about it. It's easy to think we're the only ones and compare ourselves to those who don't seem to struggle in the same ways as us. 

A lot is understood about the psychology of the people-pleasing pattern; as therapists, we know why it most commonly happens, what tends to cause it and where it usually comes from. This means there are things you can do to feel better, that it's possible to change your behaviour and learn to live differently, if you have access to the right information, resources and support. 

This group is an opportunity to:


  • Meet and connect with others who share your difficulties. Everyone in the group will know what it's like to find it deeply uncomfortable to prioritise themselves, whilst also really needing things to change. You'll feel heard, validated and understood. 

  • Learn about the people-pleasing pattern and why it's so hard to change. Our group workshops will teach you all you need to know about people-pleasing in general, so you start to understand your own relationship to pleasing. Your behaviour will start to make sense and you'll begin to feel less critical of yourself. 

  • Start making changes. We'll explore how to start working on your people-pleasing through bringing gentle boundaries into your life. Many people-pleasers know that working on our boundaries could help, you'll discover what this looks like for you and where to start. 

As pleasers, a big part of the work is learning to recognise our own value and to see ourselves as important and a priority. If you choose to join, just in that decision alone you’ll have started to do things differently. This group will teach you about your need to please, help you connect to what you really want and it’ll give you the tools and support you need to start making those things a reality for yourself, without it feeling as deeply uncomfortable as it may do just now.

Something very special happens when people with a shared problem come together. When we realise we aren’t the only ones, that other people share our experiences, there’s a sense of relief, of understanding and of reassurance…and things slowly start to change.

Group timings & practicalities 

Join me and 4 others for 3 months of coaching, psycho-education and support. The next group starts in February and we'll meet online roughly twice a month in February, March & April 2023. Exact dates and times are to be confirmed soon. 

Is this right for you? 

This group is for people who want to work on their people-pleasing and feel more comfortable with focussing on themselves, their happiness and their own wellbeing. 

This is not an alternative or substitute to working with a therapist 1-1 and should not be treated as a replacement for individual mental health support. This is a psycho-education and support group specifically focussing on the people-pleasing pattern and learning how to create boundaries, it's not group therapy. You are welcome to join the group alongside existing therapy and I ask that you let your current therapist know you're taking part. 

Through a combo of psycho-educational workshops based on the tried and tested teachings of The Boundaries Course (my group course I ran from 2020 - 2022), group support sessions led by me and carefully written self-reflection exercises, we'll explore various topics and subjects designed to help you understand your behaviour so you can finally address what's keeping you in the people-pleasing cycle. 

The group takes place online via Zoom, so a stable internet connection is essential. You'll be asked to have your camera on during calls and join from a quiet and private space, so the group's confidentiality can be protected at all times.  

I have worldwide insurance, so you don't have to be in the UK to join. However, for licensing and insurance reasons, I'm regrettably unable to work with people based in the US or Canada. I operate under UK law. 


To get the most out of the group, members will be asked to attend live as many times as they can, but all calls will be recorded and available to watch back where needed. It’s especially important that you plan to attend most of the coaching sessions live - the workshops are less important in this way. 

If you'd like to join the group due to start in February, please complete the application form below. Your responses will help me ensure the group is suitable for you and I'll be in touch by email with next steps. Should you choose to go ahead, a £50 initial deposit will be due to secure your space (this will be deducted from your first group payment) followed by 2 payments of £150 in March and April. 

Application form

Thanks so much - I'll be in touch via email within 24 business hours - make sure you also check your junk folder.

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