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Write to Live Better 

With Elsie Owen & Hannah Buchan

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We'll show you how to:

  • Write to process your emotions, so triggers stop ruining your day.

  • Write to clear your mind, so you have freedom from your thoughts.

  • Write to truly know yourself, so you can stop people-pleasing and do more of what's right for you. 

  • Write to get clarity, so you make the most of your life now and in the future.


"The course has helped me to reconnect with myself, with my inner voice, and prioritise my needs again. I feel calmer, more in control and it's helped me to work through some difficult times/feelings". 


Alice, February 2023 course member

What to expect

This isn't a journal prompts course; it's a 'learn how to journal in a way that's going to have real impact' course.


Whether you are a regular journaller or don't know where to begin, we’ll be sharing examples from our own writing practice, a range of research-based journaling strategies & holding a safe space to experience the magic that journaling can offer. 

As we move through the weeks, you’ll be encouraged and supported to start your own regular journaling practice. You’ll develop a solid understanding of what journaling is, the impact it can have and how to make it work for you. 

Dates & times 


We start on 23rd May and we'll meet on Zoom every Tuesday at 7pm - 8pm for 5 weeks on the following dates:

  • 23rd & 30th May

  • 6th, 13th, 20th June

Live attendance is not essential - if any/all of the times don't suit, recordings will be available and just as valuable as being with us live.

"Hannah and Elsie providing guidance and holding a supportive space for learning was hugely valuable. The title of the course was 'Write to Live Better' and the name is a true reflection of what was shared."


Hannah, February 2023 course member 

Meet Elsie 

Elsie is a Therapist who works with people to break the people-pleasing cycle and learn to prioritise themselves. Elsie's Instagram is: @the_peoplepleasing_therapist

IMG_9495 3.jpg

Meet Hannah 

Hannah is an experienced transformational coach who specialises in working with women to get unstuck and live more. Here's her Instagram: @the_live_more_coach 

"I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to bring writing into their life. Hannah and Elsie were knowledgeable, warm and supportive and this filtered through into the atmosphere of the group. If you want to understand yourself better and take accountability for living your best life - this is for you!"

February 2023 course member

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booking is now closed

Got a question? 

Click here to message Hannah or click here to message Elsie & we'll happily get back to you!

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