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Maybe you're ready to learn how to consider your needs as much as you do everyone else's?

Welcome! I'm Elsie - a trained and accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (it's less wordy to call myself a Therapist!) and just like most of the people I work with, I recognise myself as a 'people-pleaser' in recovery. 

Often, as 'people-pleasers' we've built our lives and identities around being flexible, helpful and accommodating and you yourself may have spent a long time putting other people's needs and feelings at the centre of your life. It may feel hard to identify what you need or ask for what you want.

...I get it. Or at least I get my own version of what it feels like to constantly find yourself at the bottom of the pile. I understand the guilt, I understand wanting to avoid upsetting people and I understand how exhausting it can feel. 


I've discovered - through my own experience and years of supporting people in the therapy room and through my courses and workshops - that there's a different way to live; you can gently build a life that's centred on your needs and what works for you...and it won't involve becoming the thoughtless, hurtful and difficult person you may think it will - I assure you. 

If you're interested in working together, there are two options: 1:1 therapy and The Boundaries Course. I'm always open to chatting about what might suit you best - if you have questions, send me a message on Instagram, or an email.

Online therapy

Weekly in-depth sessions, to help you get to the root of your difficulties.

The Boundaries Course

A gentle 5 week self-paced online course & group coaching experience. 

Self-paced workshops

60min recorded workshops on people-pleasing, saying no & managing guilt. 

More info coming soon...