I'm Elsie - a therapist, coach, creator and human. And just like most of the people I work with, I recognise myself as a 'people-pleaser' in recovery. 

I'm deeply passionate about guiding people towards understanding themselves and their stories, placing value on their needs and feeling more comfortable with shaping their lives around what they want to do and how they want to feel.

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Often, as 'people-pleasers' we've built our lives and identities around being flexible, helpful and accommodating. You yourself may have spent a long time putting other people's needs and feelings at the centre of your life. It may feel hard to identify what you need or ask for what you want.

I have my own version of this story and I'm happy to share my experiences within my work, when that feels useful and helpful. My clients tell me I offer a warm, safe and understanding space. That working with me is gentle whilst also softly challenging. 

It's possible to start to change the way you relate to yourself and the people in your life. You can learn how to pay closer attention to what you might want. Focus less on everyone else and more on what works for you.


You are important, too. Your needs matter, too. You are allowed to really enjoy your life, and do all the things that make sense, and feel good, to you. 


I've discovered we can gently shift the way we live our lives, so, very gradually, we start to live in a way that reflects our needs and what works for each of us. Usually, this doesn't mean losing our kindness and care, or becoming really 'difficult' or hard to be around. If you enter into this work, you'll mostly likely become a more authentic and connected version of yourself - there's huge potential for you. 



The Seed is my fortnightly email newsletter, to encourage you to feel more comfortable with priortising yourself.



If you see 'people-pleasing' traits in yourself and you'd like to learn more about what this means, my on-demand teaching session guides you through the basics and offers some small suggestions for starting to focus on yourself. 


Group Course

Through my course, I guide small cohorts of people through teachings, self-exploration exercises and group connection, with a focus on creating more space for their needs.